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Our vents are strong; stylish, functional and assembled with the utmost care thus ensuring this product will out perform other vents for years to come.
We know that call backs with product problems cost a lot of money, properly fitted this vent gives faultless performance which saves you money!
Glazing can be 24mm, 28mm, or 32mm just state your preference. Our standard colour is “Hipca” white RAL 9910 gloss however, you can order this vent in whatever colour you desire stating either RAL or BS numbers or even send a sample. You will not find a flimsy lid bracket on our vents; we have a unique and invisible way of fixing that holds the bracket rigid making sure that it will not work loose like others do. Our drainage is also planned so as to totally eliminate leaks in our lids. It makes no difference if the lid is inclined open or it is shut the water
escapes through either end via engineered slots. The vent lid has no visible corner fixings even when the lid is open, all you see are the clean sculptured lines which compliment any roof system.

Supplied as standard with a brass or chrome winder however, we can supply them with a full range of alternative electrical options with the motor brackets fitted by us in our factory.

As with all our roof vents a full range of electrics is available with the motor brackets fitted to the vents in our factory.

All our vents are fitted with our own hinges which have a securing screw to stop the lid coming off in operation like some “quick release” options available, you will have no dangerous surprises with our products! Every aspect of this product has been thoroughly tested and has been designed with performance in mind, so you can be confident in a product that will not let you down.