About Us

We started to manufacture roof vents as far back as 1992, this was then part of our conservatory roof manufacturing business but it soon became obvious that there was a market for a quality vent product from a reliable supplier so we concentrated more on the vents and the roof business took second place.

The years past and the vent and ancillary business grew until in late 2000 we launched the vent that was so successful that is still with us today.

There have been few changes since the new vent was launched the biggest being a new PVCu vent that is a faithful copy of the incredibly successful aluminium one, both vents are still in production to this day in one form or another.

In 2016 Paul the founder stood down and the company now Ltd. Appointed Chris Standen as General Manager and successor to Paul as the driving force behind the new Glazing Innovations (South West) Ltd.

Paul is still there in the background to give advice if needed but his main job now is to pop in and annoy Chris!


The GI Team

Chris Standen

General Manager

Paul Webb



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